Where Has the Passion Gone, Ctd.

Thanks to everyone for chiming in on the passion questions: so many good thoughts! Feel free to add more!

Kato said something that I have wondered about but not wanted to believe:

Just like there is less drama in our lives at 40, maybe the same is true of passion? In other words, it’s not that we don’t encounter drama or not that we don’t have passion, but it’s more that those blood boiling moments aren’t as consuming as they once were. Maybe it’s a positive? We just THINK we should feel passionate when wisdom and age and perspective is the real achievement?

There’s a clear logic to that. And I’m not disagreeing, I’m just wondering, if that’s true then why doesn’t it feel like a positive?

Where does the restlessness come from, and what satisfies it, even in the short term?

It’s like I have that old familiar itch, but trying to scratch in the same way doesn’t quite work anymore. But I’m still itchy.


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  1. I hear ya! I want to scratch it too, but I also find, many times, when I go to scratch, I think, “meh, maybe later.” So then, it becomes an energy question. I had so much freaking energy when I was in my 20’s. Now, I’m a lot more selective about the pursuits for which I will expend my precious limited energy. The problem then becomes that the energy gets slowly sucked away by managing my family stuff and facebook and other distractions. I also feel like I’m up against time. How much longer am I going to live, anyway, so whatever I do choose to pursue, I know I don’t have time to waste.

  2. Wow, all so true, wise woman. Still, I figure Tina Fey is only a few months younger than me, so there is a lot of hope for me yet.

  3. Kato said: “I also feel like I’m up against time. How much longer am I going to live, anyway, so whatever I do choose to pursue, I know I don’t have time to waste.”

    I think time is my biggest enemy. When I’m passionate about something it tends to take over my entire life, and I’m not good at striking a balance. My solution is to wait it out until I have the time to dedicate. Well, I never have the time. Energy is also at a premium, but time is the bastard that knocks me down…over and over again.

    I don’t feel like there’s less drama *or* passion as I get older… Just that I have fewer resources to address passion and less desire to get caught up in the drama. So I ignore them both.

    It’s very healthy. I highly recommend it.

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